Hong Kong / China Affiliate Network


Ujoin has successfully built one of the largest and recognizable affiliate marketing networks in Hong Kong and China. Compared to traditional promotion such as Street advertising, In-store advertising, Billboard advertising, TV advertising, Radio advertising, Print advertising etc. Our online marketing services are much more cost-effective way to promote your Business. Furthermore, we deliver the most effective and innovative online marketing solutions to reach a wide group of your targeted customers. Whether you own a small business or an international enterprise, we will help you improve brand exposure, increase Website Traffic, promote your product etc.


Cost Metrics

Cost Per Click (CPC) –
The advertisers pay for each time a visitor clicks on the online advertisement.
Cost Per Mille (CPM) – The advertisers pay for every thousand displays of their online advertisement to targeted customers.
Cost Per Action (CPA) - The advertiser pays for the users who perform a specific action activity, such as filling out a enquiry form, applying for the membership, completing a purchase etc.